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Police Have Stated That A Man Has Been Accused Of Murder And Kidnapping In Relation To The Disappearance Of A Couple From Washington

Authorities now believe that Davido and Karen Koep, the couple who went missing, have passed away

Police Have Stated That A Man Has Been Accused Of Murder And Kidnapping In Relation To The Disappearance Of A Couple From Washington
Source : Nypost

A man has been arrested and charged by the police in relation to the disappearance of the Washington couple who have been missing since Monday.

On Friday evening, the Thurston County Sheriff’s office announced that they had located and arrested a man in his 40s from Olympia, Washington.

The office stated that they have collected evidence to identify a suspect in the disappearance, by collaborating with local, state, and federal partners.

The suspect will be detained at Thurston County Jail for one charge of first-degree murder and one charge of first-degree kidnapping.

According to the statement, the police now think that Karen Koep and her husband, known as Davido, are deceased.

The office wrote that during the investigation, they have been in touch with the missing couple’s family. Unfortunately, they do not think the couple survived the attack at their home.

The police statement mentioned that the detectives have been working very hard to investigate the disappearance of the couple. They also stated that more information will be shared once it becomes available.

Koep, a well-liked chiropractor, and Davido were initially reported as missing by the police last Monday. The police described the circumstances as “suspicious” in a news release from the sheriff’s office.

The sheriff’s office reported that after Koep failed to appear for work, the police conducted a welfare check at the couple’s home. They discovered that both individuals, as well as their 2015 Toyota Yaris, were missing.

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The authorities found the vehicle at an intersection around five miles away from Koep’s workplace, as per Google and ZocDoc listings.

Joe Blade, the owner of a real estate company located near Koep’s practice, informed PEOPLE that he had seen the chiropractor for the last time on Wednesday the previous week before her disappearance was made public.

The next day, callers were redirected to another clinic by her office answering machine as it was closed “due to an emergency.”

Koep’s sister, Pauline D. Dutton, recently expressed to PEOPLE that her family is completely shocked and clueless about what could have occurred. They had plans to visit her in Oregon for Thanksgiving week.

She also mentioned that the chiropractor is the most powerful woman you will ever encounter.

“She’s likely excessively selfless,” she informed PEOPLE. “Occasionally, she neglects her own well-being due to her constant dedication to helping others.”

Dutton had a conversation with NBC News after her sister went missing. She expressed her belief that Koep and Davido wouldn’t leave their house without informing anyone.

Dutton stated that they didn’t leave their house voluntarily, to put it mildly.

“Leaving was not their choice. They are not enjoying a holiday in Bora Bora,” she stated. “They are unaccounted for, and I doubt they left voluntarily.”

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