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Chicago High School Student Arrested after Gun with Switch Found in Locker

Image Source : fox32

A Chicago high school student has been taken into custody after police discovered a loaded pistol with an extended clip in his locker at Humboldt park last week.

On Wednesday, Marquis Terry, 19, was arrested for marijuana possession while on a school field trip with his high school, according to an arrest report. He was sent to his residence in an Uber for disorderly conduct.

The school principal then checked Terry’s locker to make sure he didn’t have any more marijuana inside. That’s when he noticed a black pistol in Terry’s backpack and called the police. The gun was a Glock 21 caliber pistol with a “switch attachment” that turns it into a fully automatic pistol. The backpack also had an extended magazine.

Terry was arrested at his home, located at 3300 West Potomac Ave., on charges of Unlawful Use of a Weapon with a Machine Gun and Possession of a Stolen Firearm, both Class 2 offenses.

Initial investigation indicates that the firearm was reported stolen out of Henderson Kentucky.

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