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Is Kellyanne Conway’s Husband Going After Donald Trump Again?

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George Conway has taken to Twitter to express his views on Donald Trump.

George Conway, husband of Presidential Counselor Kellyanne Conway and former candidate for U.S. Solicitor General in President Donald Trump’s administration, is widely regarded as one of the most disliked members of the Republican Party.

George Conway is best known as the attorney who defended Paula Jones in her lawsuit against President Bill Clinton for sexual harassment.

Even though Conway’s Twitter account was created six years ago and he’s only tweeted and retweeted 534 times, he’s grown increasingly fond of the platform in recent months. This month alone, he’s sent out about 200 of his roughly 500 tweets, with nearly half of them criticizing Kellyanne’s boss.

There is no proof that Conway posted on Twitter in 2015 or 2016, but six of his 31 posts in 2017 could be interpreted as criticism of President Donald Trump. Conway’s 2017 posts were widely discussed, in part because they ridiculed Trump’s tweets about the travel ban.

Afterward, Conway took a step back and refrained from targeting Trump in any of his tweets. Instead, he focused on sports and legal issues related to general government. But Conway is now back at it.

This month alone, he’s tweeted and retweets 200 times, and about half of those have been critical of Trump. For example, he quote-tweeted a thread about the firing of Trump’s former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe.

Other retweets included an article about Chris Christie praising Robert Mueller’s investigation and praising his work ethic, as well as another about White House employees signing nondisclosure agreements.

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A tweet that went viral on March 23 is getting a lot of attention because it mentions a job that Kellyanne may be interested in.

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